Saturday, June 21, 2014

Annadel: Lake Ilsanjo Loop

I drove up to Santa Rosa, and went mountain biking in Annadel State Park.  The loop was 10 miles long, but I got a little turned around and probably did about 12.  It's a lot harder to navigate while mountain biking instead of hiking.

This was a fun ride.  A couple of the ascents were too rocky for me to ride, and a few of the descents as well.

I always take a picture of the trail map, so that I don't have to carry along a guidebook.

Lake Ilsanjo.  I jumped in for a quick swim after a long climb.
I saw a few deer on the ride.
California is awesome.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mountain Biking

I've been wanting to buy a mountain bike for the past several months, but things kept getting in the way.  I finally pulled the trigger on one today at my local bike shop.  My new bike is sweet.  It's a Giant Trance with dual suspension and 27.5" wheels.

Mt. Sutro trail map.
I took it over to Mount Sutro today, and broke it in with some nice single track.  I parked near Stanyan and 17th.  I did get a little lost on the ride.  There are actually a lot of trails over there, and I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going.  I ended up making it to the summit.  It was a fun ride, and I'll be back for sure.

Tomorrow I'm headed up to China Camp State Park.

I think my Epic Pass at Vail resorts might entitle me to some mountain bike park privileges.  I'm going to have to check on that to be sure.

Mt. Sutro Map

Update 6/15/2018:
I did the China Camp Loop Today.  A solid 9 miles.  Almost all of the uphill was in the first section, and then a lot of downhill.  Some solid rock gardens.  California is beautiful.

China Camp Loop

Pure fun.
Then I ate a delicious Puerto Rican meal at Sol Food

Stoke levels are high.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

SF Critical Mass - May

Critical Mass is a group of cyclists who meet the last Friday of every month for a ride around the city.  There is no official leader, and there is no official route.  Someone ends up in the front for a while, and people tend to follow.  Originally it started as a protest for cyclists' rights.  At the moment, there isn't a universal objective.  Different people ride for different reasons.  Some maintain the original spirit is still there, some are in it for the traveling party, and others are just tourists.

Cruising down the Embarcadero.  Check out the guy with the green backpack on the unicycle.

I think that all bikes are awesome, and to me critical mass is a celebration of bikes and biking.  There will be mountain bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes, unicycles, fixies, low riders, recumbants, bmx bikes, beach cruisers, etc..

Cool stuff:
  • Rode the Broadway tunnel in both directions
  • Rode the curvy section of Lombard (see video below)
  • Probably clocked in about 14 miles total
  • Saw a guy on a unicycle ride the whole thing.