Friday, July 17, 2020

Flying at Mussel Rock and P3

I finally got my P3.  For me the breakthrough was figuring out that I couldn't wait until conditions were perfect(9 MPH and West) to launch at Walker.  Walker is the easiest launch, but at least recently conditions are hard to soar from Walker.

Also I created my own weather dashboard to maximize my opportunities to fly. It's available at, and I just open-sourced it today. Not to toot my own horn, but it is way better than anything else that I've seen.

Looking back at my logbook, I wrote a little SQL(I'm a nerd) to do some analysis of my flights at Mussel Rock.  I flew most of my time launching from Coyote, and less than a quarter of my flight time was from Walker.  Also most of those flights from Walker were early on in my logbook, and of the recent flights it's pretty rare that I launched from Walker.

LaunchTotal flying minutes
It's pretty cool when planes fly overhead.

This is one of my coworkers!