Monday, January 29, 2018

Hiking in SF and such

This weekend, I stayed in SF.  On Saturday, we hiked around McLaren Park.  On Sunday I showed Eileen the trails we've been working on in Laguna Honda and then we also did a hike on Mt. Davidson.

One of the trails on Mt. Davidson.  There were some Red Tailed Hawks soaring overhead(not pictured).

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Loop at Skeggs

I tried a new-ish loop at Skeggs today. Oljon -> Steam Donkey -> climb up Springboard -> Blue Blossom -> climb up Gordon Mill.  It was fun, but climbing up Springboard was tough.  I had to hike a few bits on that.

It rained a few days ago, and the trail was in decent shape.  I did clear out a few drains that were clogged with debris.  It only takes a minute, and will save the trail from erosion.  Trail building is hard labor, but maintenance of a properly built can be really easy.

There were a lot more Redwoods on this loop than I normally see out there. I grew up on the East coast, but man I love Redwoods.  There is something just magical about them.

I liked this tree covered in moss w/ the sun behind it.
I cut the ride short, because I've been noticing more vibration/noise than normal on the downhills.  I think there is a little lateral play in the headset bearing, and that is rattling when going downhill.  It's beyond my abilities to diagnose/fix, so I'm going to take it into my local bike shop soon.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

China Camp

I rode China Camp again today.  It rained a few days ago, and it's going to rain more tomorrow.  So I figured I would head out there to get a ride in while I could.  The frontside usually has good drainage after a storm, especially since there hasn't been raining much for the past month.

The parking area was really crowded today.  When I pulled in, I thought maybe there was a bike demo event or something.  But it was just a few high school mountain bike teams.  When I got there, they were mostly done so the trails weren't too crowded.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Recap

2017 was great.  I did a lot of traveling, a lot of skiing, and a lot of biking.  I skied 32 days with about half of those in the backcountry.  I mountain biked ~30 days.  Here is the list of trips I went on:

Paso Robles, CA - Wine country and tacos
British Columbia - A week at Sol Mountain Lodge
Lake Tahoe - A bunch of ski trips
Seattle - Week long work trip
NYC - Hanging out in NYC for a week
Philadelphia - Hal's graduation
Santa Cruz - Beach chilling, mountain biking, and good times
Napa/Sonoma - Wine tasting and such
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park - Camping
Los Angeles - Baseball and food
Litchfield Beach, SC - Boyd's bachelor party
NY Finger Lakes - Boyd's wedding
Boston - Eileen showing me around her old hood
Atlanta - Georgia Tech Homecoming
Greenville, SC - Thanksgiving
Asheville, NC - Hanging out with friends
Nicaragua - Serious beach chilling

I downloaded this on Google Timeline.  Apparently I don't stray to far from the coast.