Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mountain Biking at China Camp

China Camp opened up again about a month ago, and since it was too windy to paraglide I went back for the first time today(on a Sunday).

I did 2 loops.  It was a bit tiring, but it felt good.  There were a lot of cars parked on the road, but the trails weren't too crowded.  More hikers than usual, but people were generally social distancing well.  I would be fine going back again on a weekend.

Wildlife sightings: a young stag, turkey vulture, acorn woodpecker, and some lizards.

Also I did fly the paraglider on Friday for ~30 minutes at MR.  I launched from Jungle, which I've only done once before.  It was a weird flight, because the fog level was pretty low.  So trying to stay under the fog, but trying to keep enough altitude to stay up.  I decided to come down when the fog felt like it was getting to low and beginning to hinder visibility.