Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jumping into the Pacific

Today I went to a team building exercise in the South Bay.  We did a high ropes course out in the woods.  It was fun.

On the way back to SF, I was driving up Highway 1 by myself.  I spotted this beautiful secluded beach from the highway.  It was cliffed out on both sides, so the only access is down a runoff trail.

Thursday around 3pm and 70 degrees.  The beach was deserted.  I had to scramble down the "trail" on the cliff face.  It was somewhere in-between hiking and climbing, this beach must not see many people.

Since I had the whole beach to myself, I stripped off all my clothes, ran into the ocean, and howled out loud.  It was cold, but refreshing.  After a short swim, I climbed back up the way I came, and waved to a group of tourists taking pictures from their car.