Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pi Mile in Golden Gate Park

A Pi Mile is basically just a 5k.  This blog is about badass things, and a 5k isn't badass.

I was out of shape the entire time I was an undergrad.  After I graduated, I started working out and I decided to run the Pi Mile race on campus as an alumni.  I worked my way up to running a Pi Mile in about 30 minutes.  Some other event conflicted with the race, so I missed my shot.  Afterwards I moved out of Atlanta.  For about a year my workout consisted of running a Pi mile followed by some lifting.

Anyway I started CrossFit, and ended up running less and less.  Now I don't really run unless it's part of the WOD.  One of the things I like about CrossFit is that it specializes in not specializing.  The idea
is that if you are in good shape, you should be able to approach any physical challenge and kick it's ass.

Today as a non-runner, I ran the Pi Mile in 27 minutes.  Not only did I smash my old record, but I came in 3rd out of a total of 18 people.  I think thats badass.