Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blue Streak

Josh invited me on an overnight camping trip to the famed Blue Streak.  I wasn't able to make it to his previous trips, and I wasn't going to miss the last one of the Summer.  In the past, Josh had told me some stories about camping and cliff jumping here.

We left SF at 8am on a Saturday, drove to the Stanislaus National Forest, and started hiking.  It's only maybe a 2-3 miles hike down into the canyon.  We camped out right by the river, jumped off the cliffs, and swam the rest of the day.  The water was still surprisingly brisk.

The next day we went looking for another spot that we had heard about called Candy Rock.  We found a spot, but from what I can find on the internet, that spot wasn't actually Candy Rock.  Anyway we had a blast at the unnamed spot.

When we got back to camp, it was getting near time to leave.  As a group we had brought a large quantity of water, but we drink almost all of it on Saturday.  Note to self, next time bring iodine tablets from apartment.  I think we probably had about 2 liters of water between 8 people for all of Sunday.  We all ended up fairly dehydrated after the hike out.  When we got back to the cars, we took off for the first place that had any kind of hydration.  The first thing we found was an Apple Cider stand, which turned out to be amazing!

Enjoy the video!