Saturday, September 13, 2014

China Camp Loop

I did the loop today at China Camp on my mountain bike.  What a rush!  I think I've been taking the wrong trail when I've been there before.  At the beginning there is a fork where you can climb up using either a firetrail or by using a single track trail.   I've always done the climb on the firetrail, and it gets pretty steep and rocky.  I end up pushing my bike, which is kinda lame.  The single track trail has a lot more switchbacks, which made the climb a lot more fun.

I have been out of action for the past 5 weeks due to travels and injury.  A few weeks ago, I injured a tendon in my inner elbow during a friendly arm wrestling competition.  Afterwards it hurt to do anything that required grip strength for a long time.  I did a little research on my injury, and it is obvious now that arm wrestling is really dangerous.

Anyway I ended up resting and taking a long break from a lot of my normal activities.  The good news is that everything feels fine now.  I'm back!

Update 9/14:
I went back to China Camp again this morning, and I did two laps of the loop.  I saw a couple deer on the trail.  One of them didn't even spook as I rode up to her and had a one sided chat.  I assume people have been feeding her.

I tracked this ride on Strava.  Some cool stats and graphs are here.