Sunday, November 9, 2014

Annadel - Ledson Marsh Loop

I drove up to Sonoma today to ride Annadel again.  It was super fun.  The first part of the ride is mostly firetrail, and it isn't really that interesting.  But when it hits Marsh Trail it becomes some pretty fun single track.  I really enjoyed Marsh Trail, Ridge Trail,  and North/South Burma Trail.

Total distance: 18.9 miles

Throughout the ride, I kept my phone in the elastic side pocket of my camelback.  Near the end of the ride, I touched the pocket, and it was empty!  Shit.  It must have fallen out sometime during the ride, but I hadn't used it in a couple miles.  So I turned around, and started up the hill that I had just come down.  Suddenly a random group of three bikers appeared from the way I just came.  As a shot in the dark, I asked if any of them had spotted a cell phone in the trail.  The guy in front replies "Yeah, I have it in my pack.  It's the blue motorola one, right?"  Hell Yes!  After a high five, and thanking them profusely, I was on my way again.  Plus I only ended up backtracking about 30 yards.
The intended figure 8 loop
The actual loop.
Some people claim that we don't have a proper Fall in California.