Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blue Streak

This is a late post.  The trip happened about a month ago.  So it will be shorter on details, since they aren't fresh in my head. Last year's post about Blue Streak

Josh finally made it back to the Bay Area, and organized a trip to Blue Streak to end the summer.  The trip almost fell through, because there were some wild fires in the area.  But it all worked out.

We did an overnight stay at Blue Streak.  The water was still freezing cold even in late September.  I don't know where the water comes from, but I don't believe it ever really warms up that much.

Great cliff jumping and rock scrambling.  And it's always fun to just go camping.

After the first trip to Blue Streak that I did, I didn't remember how to get there or any of the key details.  So I kept very detailed notes this time.  I saved them in a Google Doc for safe keeping.

Instagram Cliff Duel Video

Above the rapid there is a big rock with three diagonal dark blue streaks.  That's where the name of this place comes from.