Monday, December 4, 2017

Ski weekend at Kirkwood

First let me start off by saying that I missed a few weeks of "The Weekly Gnar".  I did something stupid.  Before Thanksgiving dinner, I broke a plate and cut my middle finger pretty deeply.  After the dinner, I went to the ER to get it fixed.  They glued it back together and sent me on my way.  But I also caught a bad case of the flu while I was at the ER.  So between the finger and the flu, I've been riding the couch for a while.

This weekend was the start of our ski lease in Meyers.  My plan was to ski Kirkwood on Saturday, and then do a tour around the Carson Pass area on Sunday.

Saturday.  First day back on skis.  The Wall had the nicest snow on the mountain.  It was staying nice and chalky right down the middle.  I did laps on the wall most of the day.

Sunday.  I was intending to go on an exploratory solo tour around Elephant's Back or Round Top.  But the Avy forecast increased from low to moderate due to some new snow and high winds.  I decided to bail on touring by myself.  I know that I made the right decision, but it still feels very disappointing.  Kirkwood had 4" of new snow.  Eagle Bowl was skiing really well.  It was well coated with snow, but the gullies hadn't filled in.  So it was like a natural terrain park.

Shaffer's Chute?