Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tahoe's first big storm of the year

It's crazy that it took until March to finally get a big snow storm in Tahoe.  I drove up Wednesday night when the roads were still clear.  I worked remotely on Thursday, while the storm was in full swing.

On Friday, we decided to head to Kirkwood.  But Carson Pass was closed.  We waited in a line of cars for over an hour.  Eventually we heard that the pass was going to be closed for at least a few more hours for avalanche control.

Waiting for Carson Pass to open.
After waiting for an hour, we drove to Heavenly.  Of course, we got there late and the primary parking lots were full.  Heavenly was packed, but we got some good turns in.  The coverage was spotty and we hit a lot of rocks.  But still it was worth it.

On Saturday, we skied Kirkwood.  The spur was still closed, but there was a large crowd of powder chasers there.  I got split up from my group after the first run, but I had a good time.  Plenty of good snow in the usual stash spots.  Everything opened except for the backside.

Loading up the car

Lots of people waiting for chair 6 to open.
On Sunday, we skied Echo Peak.  It was great to get away from the crowds, and just have some fun.  We were able to click into our skis on the deck, and skin down the stairs.  The snow was fantastic.

Skin track right to the back deck.