Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Unknown Coast Hike

Yesterday, my team from work did an off-site in Point Reyes.  It turned out to be a super cool adventure hike.  A bit of caution first.  This hike involves climbing through sea caves, keyholes, and around cliff faces.  It's only accessible during negative tide.  If you don't have good beta on this hike, you have a good chance of getting stuck with your back to a sea cliff with no cell service and rapidly approaching waves.

We had to wait here until the tide went down enough to get past these rocks.  In the photo a wave is breaking on the guys upfront.
So many mussels
Lots of sea anemones
More sea anemones
Starfish.  The red ones are camouflaged with the rocks.

View from a sea cave.  In the middle of the frame there is a flat rock platform out in the water.  On top there are two white blobs.  Those are seals.
One of the various keyholes.

Mini beach waterfall
Another keyhole.  We had to take off packs to fit through this one.
Made it to the final beach.