Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter has started!

I drove up to Tahoe on Friday night, and everything was covered in a layer of snow.  Ok, it wasn't a thick layer, but it was cold and snowy.  I haven't seen it like that yet this year.

On Saturday, we skied Kirkwood.  We did have some luck in the usual stash spots, but whoever skied on Friday must have really gotten the goods.  It was really cold, and that's why this post is named "Winter has started".  I was at Kirkwood a few weeks ago, and it was 55 degrees and sunny.

On Sunday, we did a tour around Carson Pass.  We went up to the shoulder of Round Top, and the snow was really wind effected.  So we skied down, and went over to Elephant's Back.  The drop in at the top was a little nasty, but the snow was really good lower down.  This was my first tour of the year, and the weather was excellent.  Blue bird, 30 degrees, light breeze.  Great fun.

Looking out over Round Top.