Saturday, February 10, 2018

Annual Tahoe Boys Trip

I haven't been up to Tahoe much this year, but this trip was planned far in advance and no one wanted to cancel.  I left SF on a Thursday night after work, and picked up the crew at the Sacramento Airport and we headed up to South Lake Tahoe.

This is the annual boys trip.  So while there is an emphasis on skiing, there is also an emphasis on drinking beer, grilling, and having a good time.

On Friday we skied Heavenly.  Besides the views, Heavenly is kinda boring right now.  I have skied their early season terrain too much in the past.  I've enough of Dipper and Comet to last a lifetime.  At least I convinced the guys to not do it on a weekend.  Anyway we had a decent time.  Good views of the lake.

Have a good time all the time.

My friend's snowboard boot sole completely separated from the rest of the boot, but he managed to attach it back together with a metal zip tie, and some duct tape.  It held up for the rest of the trip.
On Saturday, we drove up to Squaw.  Those day passes were expensive!  Conditions were spring-like.  Overall it was fun.  I didn't take any pictures, but it was a good day.

On Sunday, we skied Kirkwood.  Always my favorite.  It was so warm, that I skied in a hoodie.  It felt really good.

Heading up The Wall.

On Monday, the guys were tired, and so we took a rest day.  I planned for us to hike from Emerald Bay up to Eagle Lake.  We started the hike, and pretty soon it became apparent that there was too much snow and ice on the trail to make it up to Eagle Lake.

This is supposed to be steps, but it is an icy snow ramp instead.  This is where I called it off, and said we were heading back.
But even though the original plan was screwed up, we still managed to have fun hiking the small Eagle Trail Loop.  The vista was a really cool spot.

We created this selfie by hanging my backpack in a tree, and strapping my phone with the bungee cords.  It came out pretty well.

First take.

After the Eagle Trail Loop, we drove about 100 yards up the road to a different trailhead, and we hiked down to Emerald Bay.

A little scrambling down by the lake.
 We had a contest to see who could hold their feet in the cold water the longest.  I only made it to 6 seconds, it's very cold.  After the hike, we drove back to the house and grilled up some lunch.  Then we packed up the house, and I drove the crew back to the Sacramento airport.

Mission accomplished!