Thursday, April 19, 2018

Last Tahoe trip of the season

Our ski lease goes through the end of the month, but I have other plans.  So it looks like I won't be up again this year.

Kirkwood closed the week before, but they are cool with ski touring this year.  So we skinned up Sentinel bowl, rode that one lap.  Skinned back up again, and came down under chair 6.   Then we skinned over to chair 2, and rode that one time.  It had snowed a few days before, and the snow needed time to consolidate.  Still good weather for touring even if the snow wasn't quite right.

Back at the house, one of the guys invited us to go on his boat the next day.  So instead of re-doing the mediocre conditions, we drove down to the delta and went on a boat ride.  It was too cold to do any water skiing, but always a good time to be on a boat.