Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tahoe Corn

On Saturday, we skied Steven's Peak.  We got a late start, since someone forgot their skins and we had to drive back to the house.  It ended up working in our favor.  There was a strong refreeze overnight, and it was overcast all morning.  We watched a pair ski down from mid-mountain, and it sounded really icey.  When we got to the top, the sun finally came out.  We had lunch while the snow softened up, and had some decent corn.  Then we did another run on a more NE facing line.

A random bee was buzzing me while I took this photo.  I'm not a flower!

I took this picture off Red Lake Peak from the shoulder of Stevens on Saturday, but we actually ended up skiing it the next day.

On Sunday, we skied Red Lake Peak.  We started from the Carson Pass snow park, and ended up at the Steven's Peak parking lot.  We did not take the most direct route.  We got some solid corn off the summit, and then we bootpacked back up to the north face.  The north face had an old avalanche crown. 

More panorama.

This wooden ladder was randomly deposited on the summit of Red Lake Peak.  It looks like it is excellent condition.