Wednesday, January 7, 2015

12/31 Castle Peak

I'm taking a trip to a backcountry lodge in Canada in about a week.  This summer I bought a pair of touring skis and bindings (G3 Tonics with dynafits) from a coworker.  I also bought some dynafit boots to go with them about a week ago.  And also a new shell and pants.  So I'm going to be in a remote lodge with no way to replace anything if there are problems.

I've been skiing the gear at a few of the Tahoe resorts, but I still hadn't toured in those skis or boots until this day trip.  I took everything out for a test run at Castle Peak.  The winds were howling over most of the mountain.  Gusts up to 50-60mph.  When we were skinning up the ridge, we and came pretty close to getting blown off the side.

We skinned up near the top of Round Valley, and then skied back down.  The snow was sheltered from the wind, and it was remarkably soft in spots.  We didn't have time for a second lap, because we had a late start.  On the way back, we saw the Peter Grubb Hut.

If you get really close to your monitor, and squint you might be able see our lines in those two open patches on the top right of the ridge.
Peter Grubb Hut.  Pretty cool.
First time using Strava for backcountry skiing.  Pretty cool.
Anyway all the gear worked super well.  So far I've had 9 days skiing this year, and I'm going to BC in a few days.  Stoke levels are high!